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Defense march held in Cancun for man accused of double homicide

Cancun, Q.R. — A march was held in Cancun Wednesday in defence of a local man who has been accused of double homicide.

On September 1, Alfredo N was changed with the murder of two, even though video surveillance shows him inside a business at the time of the shooting. Three days after the shooting, Miguel Ángel Pech Cen, the attorney general for the state, announced formal charges were laid against Alfredo N for double homicide.

In a press conference, Eduardo Martínez Arcila, president of the Great Commission of State Congress, said it is not time to talk about a possible resignation of the State’s Attorney General, Miguel Ángel Pech Cen, since first, we must wait for the judge’s decision on the murder of the journalist Javier Rodríguez Valladares and his companion.

Martínez Arcila acknowledged that there is great controversy over the case that has caused outrage, both in the journalistic guild and the general public.

“According to the criminal process, it will be necessary to wait for the judge to make a decision and that will be the time when you can see what really happened and if the prosecutor of the state has facts to sustain what he announced,” he said.

Martinez Arcila reiterated that it is not a matter that falls directly on congress, and that it is not the time to discuss the possible resignation of Miguel Angel Pech Cen, because first, we must wait until the case is concluded.

“The judge, with the elements he has, must establish his verdict,” he explained.

The prosecution must be independent and alien to the interests or feelings of a public servant, either executive or legislative. The idea, he said, is that the two powers make a counterweight so, when the time comes to remove or ratify an official, it not be an exclusive decision or on “someone’s whim.”

The public have been asking for the resignation of the state attorney general after crime stats continue to exceed arrests. The latest controversy comes after state prosecutor, Miguel Angel Pech Cen, announced the charges against Alfredo N saying in a press release, “Alfredo N was detained as a result of research work from several testimonies and evidence analysis.”

Alfredo N is set to appear in court September 6 on charges of double homicide. His wife, along with friends and family, defend his innocence.