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Daniel von Bargen dies after long illness

Daniel von Barden, the actor who played Kruger on the hit sitcom,Seinfeld, has died at the age of 64.

His voice-over agents at Access Talent released a statement to PEOPLE saying, “We are learning of this event at the same time as the rest of the industry and are deeply saddened to hear of Daniel’s loss.”

Von Barden died over the weekend after battling a long illness. He was diabetic.

His acting career spanned from 1976 until 2009 when he was also well-known for playing Commandant Edwin Spangler on Malcom in the Middle and movie roles that included Broken Arrow, Super Troopers and O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Von Barden was reportedly hospitalized in 2012 after a failed suicide attempt of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His former agents said that, “For the past five years, he had been grappling with health issues that precluded his active pursuit of work.

“We remember him fondly for his easy-going professionalism and dry wit, both of which stood in stark contrast to the driven and near-maniacal roles he often performed with such energy and intensity. He was a joy to work with and we have missed that association since his semi-retirement to Cincinnati.”

Memorial and burial services for Von Barden will be private.


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