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Dangerous inmates removed from Cancun prison

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 25 dangerous inmates have been removed from the Cancun prison and relocated throughout the country.

The Ministry of Public Security said that the move came after numerous conflicts inside the prison that have led to riots and insecurity, with prisoners often clashing with guards and others inside the system.

During the night hours and into the early morning, a total of 27 Cancun inmates were relocated from the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) at Cancún to other federal penitentiary centers in the country.

Through a statement, the department stressed that the motive for the move is to maintain order inside the prison.

The inmates, who were deemed more dangerous, were moved under the protection of State Police, as well as Federal Police, the Navy of Mexico and the Mexican Army.

Inmates that were chosen for relocation included those charged with crimes of kidnapping, homicide, extortion and organized crime.

In a statement, the Ministry of Public Security explained that in relocating those prisoners, they are hoping to not only maintain order in the prison, but also to eliminate illegal practices by the inmates themselves.

The Ministry of Public Security also made it clear that corruption inside the prison system needs to end.