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Cuban trafficker arrested, others deported

Cozumel, Q.R. – Two undocumented Cubans were deported while a third was sent before prosecutor’s office when they were found aboard a boat in Cozumel.

A boat that was seen traveling by night in a bay at Cozumel raised alarm and was anonymously reported to the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico. Upon inspection of the vessel, three men were found aboard, two of whom were undocumented Cubans that tried to escape authorities by jumping into the water.

Local officials found the boat, Sandra Lucia, which was outfitted with three powerful 300-hp motors, was registered in the state of Florida.

After processing, the man responsible for the boat was found to be a native Mexican-Cuban drug dealer carrying undocumented immigrants into the country. He was arrested and brought before the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). The other two Cuban men were deported back to their country.

Eliseo Adán Caballero Rosas, Admiral of the Naval Sector of Cozumel, says that the trafficking of undocumented Cubans is a problem and that a lot of times, Cozumel is used as a stopping point.

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