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Cuban immigrants floating at sea were likely planted

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. – An investigation and health inspection of the group of 12 Cubans that landed at Isla Mujeres earlier this week has led authorities to conclude that the illegal immigrants were intentionally planted in Mexican territory.

A health inspection and investigation are common procedures when Mexican officials deal with illegal immigrants landing along local shores. The group that landed on Wednesday morning said they spent 18 days floating at sea prior to hitting the island of Isla Mujeres. They also told authorities that they survived the journey on soda biscuits, cookies and water, a diet that would have led to weight loss over an 18-day period.

The island doctor who examined the group explained that, “They lacked any kind of decomposition that comes with lack of protein intake. They said they ate only biscuits, cookies and water, a diet that should have resulted in weight loss, however, all arrived in good physical condition.”

Mysteries were further intensified when one of the Cuban immigrants said they were diabetic, yet did not require medical attention. The doctor explained that it would not be possible to maintain a diabetic person in perfect health for that long at sea because insulin is a drug that requires refrigeration.

He also added that for being at sea for 18 days, they had only moderate signs of sunburn and other sea-related problems such as chapped lips, noting that their level of dehydration should have been greater than what they presented.

After their medical evaluations, the Red Cross verified that each of them was in perfect physical condition with only moderate signs of dehydration. Such a conclusion has left authorities believing that the group was brought within a few nautical miles of Isla Mujeres where they were set out on the makeshift raft to complete the journey on their own.

It has become common to see makeshift boats arriving on Cancun and Isla Mujeres shores from Cuba.

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