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Crocodile not welcome on Cancun university campus

Cancun, Q.R. — A crocodile who frequented the Universidad del Caribe campus in Cancun has been relocated for safety purposes.

Workers at the university were the ones given the task of relocating the female crocodile who was often seen swimming in a muddy area on campus grounds.

The men who moved the crocodile say that she had begun to pose a danger to students since the area where she hung out most was near an outside sports area for students.

The alert to the presence of the crocodile on the university campus was reported by students. The female was captured by three employees and placed in a wheelbarrow for relocation. With a quick pace, university workers made their way toward an off-campus lagoon where she was set free.

In that lagoon are two other known crocodiles. Authorities have since reinforced the parameter of the mesh fence around the campus to ensure unwanted guests do not return.