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Cristina Torres Gómez says more ghost companies worth 70 million peso discovered

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The mayor of Playa del Carmen says another 70 million peso has been discovered missing, through what she explains were approximately a dozen ghost companies created from the past administration.

As a result of continued audits into the 2016 administration, mayor Cristina Torres Gómez says a deviation of more than 70 million peso has been detected in 10 or 12 ghost companies.

She says they are in the process of verifying if any of these companies appear on the list of the Tax Administration System (SAT) explaining that the companies also involve 146 taxpayers who issued receipts without the capacity to provide the products or services to cover the vouchers.

Cristina Torres said that “We are filtering the list. We have some presumptions about those that are the product of the investigation.” She explained that if one of these companies appears on the SAT list, “It will be another reinforcement for the next complaint we are going to present.”

“There are 10, 12 companies. Among them, they have carried out those actions, the main one for 70 million peso and there are extensions of contracts that would exceed 100 million,” explained the mayor.

“We believe that the damages between nonexistent operations, lack of payments and others would exceed one billion, but we only have access to the last stage of the last administration,” she added.