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Cristina Torres Gómez confirms she intends to run again for mayor

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The municipal president of Solidarity, Cristina Torres Gómez, announced that she intends to submit the necessary documentation to participate in the internal process of the National Action Party (PAN), to run again for mayor of Solidaridad.

“Now I am going to participate in the registration, present the documentation while continuing to govern Solidarity,” the mayor said.

According to Carlos Jiménez Jiménez, leader of PAN in Solidaridad, the evaluation of the pre-candidates before the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo will begin sometime at the beginning of February.

While the internal selection process takes place, Cristina Torres affirmed that she will continue working at the head of the municipal government and reiterated that she is only part of the “registration mechanism”.

Torres Gómez was nominated as municipal president by PAN as an external candidate in the last electoral process and in 2016, so if she were chosen again, she would go to re-election.

Previously, both Carlos Jiménez and Alejandra Cárdenas Nájera, municipal leader of the PRD in Solidaridad, have shown their support for Torres Gómez.