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Criminal gang leader arrested despite appearance alteration

Mexico City, Mexico — An alleged criminal gang leader wanted by Mexican police was arrested Thursday despite an attempt to radically alter his appearance.

Roberto Moyado, who is also referred to as El Betito, was arrested Thursday by federal police agents while traveling on a public road in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City. Moyado, who is alleged to be the leader of the criminal group La Tepito Union, had undergone a hair transplant and extreme weight loss of 30 kilos to alter his appearance.

He is considered to be one of the main generators of violence and drug dealers in Mexico City. The National Security Commissioner, Renato Sales Heredia, made the announcement in Mexico City Thursday, noting that Moyado was arrested after being identified, despite his attempt to modify his physical appearance.

Sales Heredia said that Moyado was arrested without incident and was found in the company of his 50-year-old brother, who was reportedly his bodyguard.

An investigation by the Anti-Drug Division of the Federal Police found Moyado used apartments and houses in residential areas of Mexico City to take refuge from authorities as well as criminal rivals.

Moyado has criminal records that date back to 2008, when he was arrested for robbery. He has since been linked to heading activities of drug dealing and extortion, dispossession, kidnapping and money laundering among other illicit activities.

According to Sales Heredia, the Tepito Union criminal group is linked to the sale and distribution of drugs at nightclubs as well as the collection of monthly fees from businesses located in various areas of Mexico City, but primarily in the Cuauhtémoc region.

In October of 2017, Pancho Cayagua, a leader of the same group was killed, a crime that El Betito was accused of. Moyado assumed control of the criminal group and is said to be the main generator of violence and drug dealing in Mexico City, as well as in the State of Mexico.

At the time of their arrest, Moyado and his brother were found carrying $10,000 USD in cash, 4,700 peso and 140 doses of crystal. They were also found in possession of a gun.