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Cricket Pro and Advanced customers get unlimited Mexico calls, messaging

Cricket Wireless announced a new feature to all Cricket Pro and Advanced Plan holders.

Customers with the $50 and $60 dollar per month plans will automatically receive free international calling, MMS and SMS from the US to Mexico.

The company’s previous international monthly plan offered Mexico calls and messaging as an add-on feature, but as of February 11, new and existing customers of Cricket’s $50 and $60 per month plans receive unlimited mobile-to-mobile and landline calls and can send unlimited messages from the U.S. to friends and family in Mexico.

In a news release the company said, “Cricket is adding unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to Mexico on the $50 plans and above, so every customer that is on the $50 plans and above automatically will have unlimited calls, text and MMS to Mexico without any extra fee. Cricket International and International Extra will still remain at the current rates and specifications, however calls to Mexico will no longer be part of the usage.”

The new unlimited calls and messaging are only valid from the US to Mexico. Their current international package add-ons to other countries remain the same price, but will no longer include calls and messages to Mexico now that those features are included in the Pro and Advanced plans.

Janna Ducich, marketing vice president and chief marketing officer for Cricket Wireless explains, “Cricket is on a mission to upgrade what customers can expect from no-annual contract wireless.

“Whether it’s providing more 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile, Metro-PCS, Sprint and Boost; increasing high speed data access on our plans at no extra cost; providing access to the world’s largest streaming music library with Deezer; and now bringing unlimited calling and messaging from the U.S. to Mexico, we are giving customers more value at low prices.”


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