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Cozumel’s community dog, Lola, laid to rest after 23 years

Cozumel, Q.R. — After more than 23 years of being a favored street dog, Cozumel’s Lola has been laid to rest.

Lola was found in the Benito Juárez park as a puppy and quickly became a favored community dog. Although she did not have an owner, she was cared for by many. It didn’t take long for Lola to win the hearts of those who came to know her, in particular, the local police department.

“When Lola arrived, many of the police elements got attached to her,” said one officer. For 23 years Lola lived in the park but considered the police her family. She was even given her own identification badge since she was often seen walking around the area as though patrolling.

One Benito Juárez park businessman said, “She was always walking around the park and the shops and when she saw a policeman from a distance, she ran towards them since her only home was the park and her family was them.”

Lola became an island favorite not only with local police, but also with businessmen and travelers. She was a charismatic animal that everyone gave food, especially steamed sausages, which were one of her favorites.

For more than 20 years, Lola was dubbed the island police dog.

“Lola was the only faithful policeman who had the Island of Cozumel, who was aware of her people for 23 years,” said the businessman.

On Sunday, Lola was laid to rest in the same park she called home her entire life. Several nearby employees, business owners and police placed a small plaque on her grave to honor her for all the love and affection she gave to those who knew her.