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Cozumel’s Benito Juarez park still incomplete

Cozumel, Q.R. – A public works project by the city of San Miguel to renovate Benito Juarez Park remains incomplete.

A public works project for the remodeling of the city’s Benito Juarez Park was supposed to include walkways. In the initial project and budget, which was agreed upon back in September 2014, the remodeling of the popular central park included pedestrian walkways, which have yet to be started.

Last year, representatives of the state of Quintana Roo and the municipality of Cozumel announced the remodeling project of Benito Juarez Park. Construction and renovations were set for completion in March, however the project remains unfinished due to the lack of sidewalks.

The project was awarded to Idimsa, Sinca, Cozumel Marcoz y Construcciones SA, who were to given a budget of 95 million peso and seven months to complete the work. In the original renovation plans, the construction company included a walkway that would stretch the length of the street of Benito Juarez and South First, however, this has yet to happen.

Humberto Castillo Suarez, director of Public Works, said that the project has not been neglected and this part [the walkway] still stands, but all the work needs certain adjustments and modifications to the projects and budgets.

He explained that at the moment he’s doing a pre-closure of the amounts allocated to each company and will then determine when and how much they would need to build the walkway as well as install a giant lettered-sign “Cozumel” in the park.

We are waiting for confirmation from Sintra, but consider the work in the second stage. Remodeling is the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra),

Beginning the week of August 23, Cozumel will be hosting a large international sporting event.

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