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Cozumel taxi driver enters bedroom of wrong home

Cozumel, Q.R. — A taxi driver from Cozumel has been arrested and discharged from his job after entering a home that was not his.

The issue occurred in the colony of CTM after Carmen M says a taxi driver entered her home Saturday night. The taxi driver, who was allegedly under the influence of a drug, was intercepted by her husband.

Carmen explained that a man in a taxi driver’s uniform entered the bedroom where she and her husband were sleeping. A video was posted of her husband questioning the taxi driver while they waited for police.

The taxi driver appeared dirty and disheveled. His speech was incoherent.

Miguel Alberto Alonso Marrufo, general secretary of the Union of Taxicab Adolfo Lopez Mateos, acknowledged that the driver was one of theirs and that he will be discharged for his behavior.

The Public Security Directorate noted that this taxi driver has been arrested several times before for drug use.

Support of the police was requested. They arrested and transferred the driver to Cozumel jail. Police say that the arrested driver is known by the nickname of La Zochigua and that this was not the first time he has been arrested for being under the influence of narcotics.