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Cozumel sees an increase in cruise line visitors

According to Port Authority statistics, Integral of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo), the island of Cozumel has seen a 7 percent increase in cruise ships from January to April of this year.

Apiqroo notes that as of April 30, the island has seen more than 1.45 million visitors.

On May 23 alone, three Carnival Cruise Line ships pulled into dock with an estimated 6,860 tourists.

Apiqroo says that in January, 134 cruise line ships brought 390,165 visitors to the island, while in February, Cozumel welcomed 338,631 visitors from 120 cruise ships. March was also a busy month with 132 international cruise lines docking and bringing with them 405,295 passengers.

From the same period last year, Cozumel has experienced a 7 percent increase in travelers to the island.

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