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Cozumel researchers to begin roadkill study

Cozumel, Q.R. — Researchers on the island of Cozumel say they are going to begin monitoring the areas where animals are most often killed by motorists.

Alfredo Báez Meléndez of the Management of Natural Resources Isla Cozumel, says they are going to begin a study to monitor the animals being killed on the main roads of the island. He says the results of the study will be used to update the information on causes of wildlife deaths across Cozumel.

Báez Meléndez said that during 2017, more than 300 animals were accounted for as being run over by motorists along city roads. He says a majority of the deaths occurred on the transverse highway and in hotel areas, adding drivers need to move about with greater care.

He reported that of the 300 known animal deaths last year, 70 percent were birds that were hit by cars, while the remaining 30 percent were mammals and reptiles.

It will be in December, he says, when they have their exact data on the problem at hand, where he states that participation of the islanders is fundamental, adding that both residents and visitors need to respect the posted signs and the wildlife.