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Cozumel prison disables cell phone use to prevent extortion calls

Cozumel,Q.R. — Cell phones being used inside the Center for Social Reintegration on Cozmuel are being disabled to prevent prisoners from continuing to make extortion calls.

The Director of the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of Cozumel, Jaime Elí Ibáñez Cruz, announced the activation of signal inhibitors for cell phones to avoid extortion calls that have allegedly been generated from inside the prison.

He said that they carried out the pertinent reviews allowing them to determine which areas of the prison cell signal inhibitors will be installed.

He noted that the only outside communication of inmates will be through landlines, which have a recording that indicates that it is a call from the jail.

Ibanez Cruz said that during the month of April, five cell phones were found inside prison cells, which the inmates allegedly used for telephone extortion to the outside community. He says they learned of the calls after several reports were made that included numbers from the Cozumel prison.

He said that with the placement of sophisticated metal detectors, which include X-ray bands, they have prevented numerous prohibited items from being introduced into the prison, adding that visitors are also checked to avoid prisoners receiving illegal items.