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Cozumel police protest demanding resignations, bonuses

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel police are demanding current mayor Perla Tun fulfill her committments and respect their rights as workers.

On Thursday morning, dozens of Cozumel police officers demonstrated outside the building of the Public Security Directorate of Cozumel to demand that their rights be respected. Many arrived in protest of working conditions and demanded changes including the dismissal of the director of Public Security, Raúl Sánchez Martínez.

Cozumel police were also looking for the dismissal of the personnel who have been assigned resources management of the Fortification Program for Security (Fortaseg).

Police say they have been forced to sign documents for salary modifications adding that they have yet to receive new uniforms and continue to work without many of their entitled benefits including bonuses.

They also say that the Director of Security places conditions on their vacation time, “when it is something to which we are entitled because it is a work benefit.”

By Thursday afternoon, the director of Public Safety Raúl Sánchez Martínez offered his resignation to Cozumel mayor, Perla Tun Pech. The resignation was accepted. Maria Yahaira Jiménez Azueta, the liaison officer of Fortaseg, was dismissed from her position.

Cozumel police say they have begun a work stoppage until all matters are dealt with and their rights respected.