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Cozumel cruise ship congestion due to Hurricane Matthew

Cozumel, Q.R. — An overflow of cruise ships continue to arrive at Cozumel after being rerouted due to Hurricane Matthew.

After sweeping through Haiti and seeing mandatory evacuations for parts of the eastern US, Hurricane Matthew has become something to avoid as numerous cruise ships take a different route, heading to Cozumel.

Thousands of tourists continue to land as rerouted cruise ships make their way to the popular Caribbean island to avoid bad weather brought on by the hurricane.

On Tuesday, Cozumel port authorities were initially scheduled to receive only four cruise ships totaling 12,000 passengers, however seven ships with nearly 26,000 passengers ended up docking before the day was out.

The scenario was repeated on Wednesday as port authorities were busy accommodating additional cruise ships that were rerouted due to the hurricane. With an expected schedule of only two ships, a total of five made their way to Cozumel docks.

The additional cruise ship passengers has meant a stronger tourist season for local workers in what is normally considered low season. The week of October 9 was to see a scheduled landing of 17 cruise ships, a number that has since been increased to 23 with more expected.

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