Counterfeit money making its way around businesses

Cancun, Q.R. – Local authorities are warning people to be aware of possibly receiving counterfeit money.

Authorities say that there is a small circulation of counterfeit 50 peso bills making their way around businesses in Playa del Carmen.

On October 15, police were alerted by a group of citizens who said their 50 peso bills were declined for use for payment in Playa del Carmen shops.

After reviewing the bills, the banknotes showed more than normal fading and were not made from the modern polyethylene on which Mexican money is printed.

Several people in Playa del Carmen have reported receiving the fake 50 peso denomination bills. Police are urging people who suspect they have been given counterfeit money to contact local authorities so they can launch an investigation.

Guadalupe Martin Estrada Sanchez, general manager of the Municipal Police, said that if someone is suspected of having been given counterfeit money they should immediately contact 066.

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