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Counterfeit bills being passed around PDC

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – An alert has been put out to local businesses around Playa del Carmen in regard to the circulation of counterfeit money.

The National Chamber of Commerce Service (Canaco) of Playa del Carmen say they have found several instances of counterfeit bills used during the recent holiday season. Canaco president, Jose Luis Hernandez Barragan, says that so far they have 15 reported instances of merchants being paid with fake money.

“We have several business reports affected by this, so my recommendation is to buy markers with special ink to check the bills that cost about 125 peso or buy the machines with special light which costs approximately 400 peso,” he suggested.

Hernandez Barragan added that the instances of counterfeit money have been found mainly in businesses in the residential areas of Playa del Carmen. The most used denominations are the 200 and 500 peso bills.

It is important that merchants do not try to get rid of the fake bills by using them in another transaction, because that would be incurring the same crime by putting false currency into circulation. He says merchants should not destroy or keep the bills, but take them to a bank branch where they are sent to the Bank of Mexico for analysis. Only a banking institution can retain false currency.


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