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Costamed hospital in Puerto Morelos officially inaugurated

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Municipal president Laura Fernández Piña and state governor Carlos Joaquín González have officially inaugurated the Costamed hospital in the municipality of Puerto Morelos.

With an investment of more than 10 million peso, the new hospital will offer a wide range of specialties. Fernández Piña congratulated Ricardo de Jesus Segovia Gasque, president of the Board of Directors, for the opening of its fifth hospital in the state.

“This is very good news for the portomorelense community,” she said. “It is important that entrepreneurs in the health sector put their investments in Puerto Morelos. For us it is a watershed in terms of health, not only for local people, but also for our visitors.

“I am sure that the providers of tourist services are very pleased with this news in order to provide greater security to tourists,” she added.

Laura Fernandez mentioned that Puerto Morelos is moving forward with very firm steps thanks to the citizens, the three orders of government and committed people who believe in the municipality, such as the Costamed Group. “We are very happy to see a Quintana Roo company spread throughout the state.”

Governor Carlos Joaquín González stressed that the issue of health is fundamental in Quintana Roo because it is one of the ways to support people. “The purpose is to have hospitals and health centers that are efficient in managing the health of our people,” he noted.

He says that the opening of this type of private hospital allows the strengthening of the health infrastructure in Quintana Roo in order to provide more attention that the population so much need, while boosting medical tourism in the state. He reported that the state has 10 second-level hospitals and 178 public health centers.

During his speech, Ricardo de Jesús Segovia Gasque said that the idea of bringing this hospital to Puerto Morelos was due to the need required by citizens and visitors since going to another city and losing 30 or 40 minutes makes the difference between life and death.