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Costa Maya pitahaya farmers hoping to market internationally this year

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Producers from Felipe Carrillo Puerto are hoping to sell more than 50 tons of pitahaya this season.

Armando Poot Chablé, president of the group of pitahaya producers (K’u k’umi kan) Kukulcán of the Tihosuco community, pointed out that they are hoping to commercialize more than 50 tons of the so-called dragon fruit to help with economic losses due to the pandemic.

He said that the 2020 pandemic generated a large loss to Mayan farmers who were unable to sell their products internationally due to closed borders. For that reason, he explained that the Mayan farmers were left to rely on local markets.

He added that in the previous season, Mayan farmers were sending the Quintana Roo product to France, where it was widely accepted and classified as organic. Poot Chablé says the southern farmers are hoping to be able to do it again, to market internationally in the next few months.

Quintana Roo pitahaya fruit season runs from June to mid-December.