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Contracted company paints over theater mural

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A maintenance company contracted by the city of Playa del Carmen has painted over The Gift of the Muses mural on they city’s theater building.

The company, Corpo Reek SA de CV who were contracted to provide a fresh coat of paint to the theater, has painted over the professional mural at the entrance of Teatro de la Ciudad. The mural, which was painted by Verónica de Jesús Ugalde Roma, is more than 90 percent eliminated by white paint, leaving only a bottom corner visible.

City Council says it has revoked the company’s contract and will apply a sanction. In a statement, the municipality expressed “its indignation” at the error of Corpo Reek SA de CV, who was hired to perform painting and waterproofing at the city theater and instead, painted over the mural.

The municipality apologized to the artistic community explaining that the painter will be contacted so that “she can put a new work in the facilities of the city theater in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the municipality.”

A public apology from City Council was released:

The H. Town Hall of Solidaridad reports that Samaria Angulo Sala, official officer for the municipality, held a meeting with the artist Verónica de Jesús Ugalde Romay, creator of The Gift of the Muses, to analyze how to compensate for the damage caused to the mural that used to be at the main entrance of the Teatro de la Ciudad.

The official reiterated the apologies offered and the indignation of the Municipal Government for this regrettable error, and agreed that with the support of the City Council the artist, together with the collaborator Armando Martinez, will make an evaluation in order to start the restoration work as soon as possible.

The Government of Solidarity reiterates its conviction and commitment to the promotion of culture and fine arts, as well as support to local creators, in order to maintain the course in the construction of the identity of the solidarity.