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Consumer officers fine 7 businesses for failing to comply with laws

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Consumer officers in Playa del Carmen began the Easter holiday season with the temporary closure of seven businesses.

The Federal Procurator’s Office of the Consumer (Profeco) began the holiday week with inspections of stores, companies, agencies and hotels to ensure they are complying with state law regarding consumers.

Marisol Huitrón Rangel of Profeco says, “The reviews consist of seeing that the prices are visible to the consumer, that there is no misleading advertising and that they respect the Decalogue of consumers, which implies that the rights you acquire when buying a service are respected.

“In the case of the touristic operation we have six visits with infractions, a shipping company, a timeshare, a restaurant, a diving service, a travel agency and a hotel, most of them for not having prices in sight or for having that famous legend with “restrictions apply”, in their services and promotions without specifying what they are,” she explained.

Huitrón Rangel explained that just prior to the long weekend, a fish market was given a temporary closure by Profeco for not having prices clearly displayed and for not providing customers with a proof of purchase.

Profeco is working alongside the Tourist Vacation Operative by visiting municipal companies. Huitrón Rangel says all 14 Profeco officers will head to Cozumel, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum to continue with their inspections.

Part of the Decalogue, or 10 commandments of state consumer rights, indicates that tips not be charged as part of the total cost of a service and that what is contracted must be provided by a proof of purchase.