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Congress approves creation of judicial district for Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — After a recent legislative meeting, the municipality of Tulum has been approved for its own judicial district.

The XV Legislature approved reforms by which a judicial district will be created for the municipality of Tulum, which will allow the creation of courts.

In the session chaired by Deputy José Esquivel Vargas, deputies of State Congress voted in favor of the opinion prepared by the Justice Commission, which proposes the modification and addition of a fraction to Article 75.

The reform, promoted by Deputy Carlos Mario Villanueva Tenorio, meets the needs of the inhabitants of the municipality of Tulum, a municipality that is in constant growth and transformation, which has resulted in complex legal relationships.

The municipality of Tulum is currently located within the Judicial District of Solidaridad. According to judicial statistics, in 2016 there were 195 files of which eight came from Tulum, however during 2017, that figure increased to 22.

However according to the government website, litigation cases involving civil matters since 2016 for the municipality of Tulum total 304. With these numbers, legislators considered it necessary to have courts located within Tulum.