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Confirmation of Borge’s return has parties demanding jail time

Cancun, Q.R. — Lawyers confirm that Roberto Borge will be returned to Mexico within the next few weeks, saying that the appeals filed by Borge are nearly resolved.

The former governor of Quintana Roo will be extradited to Mexico, says Carlos Carillo, attorney for the former state governor. It is expected that in the next few days, authorities of Panama will resolve the appeals filed by the defense, two of which have already been ruled against Borge.

Borge’s lawyer noted that the former Mexican official, who faces an extradition trial for embezzlement and money laundering, said he has not abandoned the filing of appeals, but the judiciary decisions have already been made and those pending need to be defined.

Political groups including the PRD and PAN applauded that the former governor will be brought to Mexico in a matter of weeks, noting that he should pay with jail time and not only by repairing the damage for the looting he carried out in the coffers.

Haydé Saldaña Martínez, vice president of the State Committee of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), is hoping Borge Angulo will be held accountable for all the money that he defrauded citizenship of, leaving Quintana Roo in debt and disorder.

Saldaña Martínez indicated that their party will be attentive to Borge’s arrival so that the Public Prosecutor’s Office demands justified preventive detention, considering the size of the embezzlement committed, which amounted to billions of peso, saying that it must be paid not only with the repair of the damage, but with a comparable prison sentence.

“The system of laws is made to favor public servants, so we hope that Borge is not only accused of these patrimonial crimes, but money laundering,” she said.

The lawyer by profession recalled that Borge Angulo, in addition to leading an administration that looted public finances, also led a system of repression, abuse of power and failures in the administration of justice.

In the case of National Action (PAN), the leader in Benito Juárez, Eduardo Pacho Gallegos, described it as good news knowing that the former governor will be returned to Mexico.

“If he committed a crime he should pay the consequence, but that does not happen as we saw recently where only the money was returned as if it were passed from one bag to another, and in 15 minutes, they’re out of prison,” he said.

Eduardo Pacho asked the authorities to assemble the files well and have the complete documents so that Borge can be judged with a firm hand.