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Concerned neighbors ask police to help rescue large iguana

Chetumal, Q.R. — It took nearly a dozen police officers to capture and rescue a large iguana that was found wandering in a Chetumal neighborhood.

Elements of Public Security came to the rescue when someone called about the iguana noting it would either be killed by an animal or captured for a pet or for food by a resident.

Police arrived in the colony of Polygon II to find the one-meter iguana up an old Almond tree. One of the officers climbed the tree and was able to tie a rope around its neck while others on the ground coaxed it down.

One of the officers said that his partner suggested simply grabbing it by the tail, but as soon as he got near the lizard, his tongue came flaring out. The next move would have been a bite.

Once they got their plan in motion, it only took the officers a few minutes to get the lizard moving down the tree. The large reptile was placed into a bucket and moved to a green area away from people.