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Conagua forecasts weekend of thunderstorms for Cancun, Riviera Maya

Last updated on May 30, 2020

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Conagua says the presence of a low-pressure channel will bring rainfall for most of the Yucatan Peninsula over the weekend.

La Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua) says some areas are likely to experience heavy thunderstorms with strong wind gusts. The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) reports a low-pressure channel extending from the Gulf of Mexico into the region will likely arrive with unstable conditions bringing heavy rainfall to the Cancun, Riviera Maya area for both Saturday and Sunday.

Although rainfall is forecast for Saturday, daytime temperatures will remain high for Yucatan and Quintana Roo of between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius. Winds of variable directions from 15 to 30 kms/h are forecast with gusts of up to 40 kms/h along the coastal zone.

For Sunday, the wide low-pressure channel is expected to maintain its influence on the region with thunderstorms and temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees in Yucatan, while for Quintana Roo, daytime temperatures are expected from 31 to 35 degrees.