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Company to open Playa del Carmen plant to recycle cigarette butts

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A Mexcian company says they are working on opening a plant in Playa del Carmen that will make planting pots out of cigarette butts.

The company Verde Halago is hoping to eliminate pollution by creating pots from cigarette butts that degrade in a year.

Gerardo Valencia of Verde Halago

Gerardo Valencia of Verde Halago, said that cigarette butts can be recycled to avoid contaminating water and the environment. He says that soon, they will have a factory in Playa del Carmen.

The company is an initiative of Mexican entrepreneurs that once operating, will employ between five and 10 people.

He explains that cigarette butts are one of the most thrown waste in streets and along beaches. He explains that one cigarette butt contaminates 50 liters of water.

Aside from creating plant pots from recycled butts, the company also promotes beach cleanups to raise awareness of the environmental damage due to discarded butts.

Valencia says they already have more than 600,000 butts they’ve collected from the streets, eliminating the pollution of more than 20 million liters of drinking water. He says that animals also benefit because they often mistake the butts for food an ingest them.

Valencia explained that the cigarette butts undergo a process that makes them biodegradable. They are mixed with other waste products such as sawdust, adding that the pots are a highly sustainable proposal that removes butts from the streets, raises public awareness and prevents damage to the ecosystem.