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Company hired for Tulum Aldea Zama work causing accidents

Tulum, Q.R. — A company providing new electrical lines for the upcoming Aldea Zama real estate development in Tulum, is being called the cause of at least three auto accidents.

The construction company MG Electromecánica del Sureste has excavated three kilometers of ditch along the Tulum-Cobá and Tulum-Boca Paila roads for the installation of an electrical network. In doing so, the company has been noted as leaving loose material on the asphalt as well as open ditch and loose gravel, none of which is signed for drivers.

One of the more serious issues with the condition of the road is the lack of light, increasing the risk of danger during the nighttime hours.

Since the project began, two vehicles have overturned after falling into the open holes, while a third vehicle has crashed against the open ditch.

Macedonio Várguez Góngora, director of Municipal Transit, says that both the construction company and Aldea Zama, the real estate project for which the electric work is being done, have been informed of the problems.

However, they have ignored them he says, “because we can not force them.” He says both companies have been provided with written letters of the issues, but have failed to provide any safety signage around the electrical work site.