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Company denies construction worker hospital care for lack of insurance

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A worker who was injured on a job site, was denied hospital medical care by the company he worked for because they have workers working without insurance.

The architects and construction managers of the Residential Promotion Group prevented a worker, who suffered a fainting spell while working in the Marseille district, from being transferred to the hospital saying they have him working without insurance.

The man suffered a fainting spell, apparently from dehydration, during the afternoon of Tuesday. Workers called an ambulance that arrived to treat him with appropriate medical attention, however, when they requested transferring him to hospital, they were met with opposition from company managers.

Architects and managers of the company told ambulance medical personnel that the worker lacked insurance and that they were not willing to pay for his transfer.

Paramedics left the job site, not knowing if the company properly treated the man with medical attention after they left.