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Committee proposes Cancun become compact vertical city

Cancun, Q.R. — During an urban development meeting, members of the municipal planning committee have proposed that Cancun become a compact city.

During the third session of the Urban Development and Housing Committee, the Municipal Planning Institute announced an Urban Development Plan with a proposed model for a compact city. The goal is to modernize urban planning of the municipality with a program that aligns and modifies the way the city is growing.

The committee says this includes becoming more efficient by planning for vertical growth rather than continuing with horizontal spread which deteriorates surrounding forest and animal habitat. A more compact vertical city will allow better mobility and be sustainable economically and ecologically.

Due to the rapid growth of Cancun, the proposed model consists of a vertical growth plan to prevent additional expansiveness. The proposal says that a vertical growth plan will lower the consumption of land, ensure green space and generate a lower costs in services for citizens.

Committee members say the compact city proposal seeks to improve the quality of life and strengthen environmental commitment while creating greater access to public transport, reusing rural spaces and maximizing infrastructure.