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Come Dog food dispenser feeds Playa’s homeless dogs

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A new project is underway that will see the city’s homeless dogs (callejeritos) ‘auto’ fed.

It’s a project made possible by the organization RYPA Animal Rescue and Protection AC, which brings the “Come Dog” to Mexico for the first time.

Initially started in Colombia, the Come Dog food dispensers will be placed in different parts of the city to feed the homeless dogs.

The dispensers are made of galvanized steel and supports 22 kilograms of food. It has a sliding front door for refilling, which then allows the food to enter the front of the feeding tray. Each side of the dispenser supports a four liter container for fresh water.

Dispensers, which are sent from Colombia, are donated by RYPA. Supporters of the program are then responsible for the care of the structure as well as keeping them filled with food and water.

The project promotes the canine welfare as well as awareness of sterilization of animals to stop the excessive reproduction.

The organization responsible for Come Dog says they are committed to sterilization campaigns for ‘guests’ of Come Dog. They are also committed to promoting the adoption of street dogs as well as community awareness about the important and proper role of dog ownership.

To become a Come Dog sponsor, a census of the amount of stray animals on your site will be taken then the animals will be sterilized. The organization requests continuous monitoring of the dispensers (preferably camera monitored). Proper night lighting must exist along with community acceptance of the dispenser program.

The organization prefers that sponsors live near the dispenser for vigilance. It is the responsibility of the sponsors(s) to manage the food supply.

The Come Dog program has been widely supported on their Facebook page, Proyecto ComeDog Playa del Carmen, as well as by local Playaenses who have expressed interest in becoming sponsors.

Come Dog program hopes to reach more towns and cities around the country to help feed dogs that do not have homes.


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