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Combi price hike in Cancun not warranted say officials

Cancún, Q.R. — A recent attempt at a public transportation price hike in Cancun is not warranted, says the Secretary of Infrastructure and Transportation, Jorge Alberto Portilla Mánica.

He explained that the drivers of the State Land Transportation (TTE) have had authorization to increase the price since March of 2016, however, he says that authorization came with an agreement that all road units be in good condition.

After hearing about the unannounced price hike Monday, Portilla Mánica said “I understand that 50 percent of the commitment has been fulfilled and I immediately contacted the leader, who told me that it was a way for the operators to add pressure. So the price was increased before the agreement had been fulfilled”.

He says that the price hike agreement includes that all units be in good condition in order to provide a better service to users, hence the Sintra inspectors along with representatives of the TTE combis. He added that, “For the moment they have to charge 9 pesos until they rectify the issues,” he explained.

Portnic Mánica acknowledged that he learned about the rise to the passage because “people started calling me and then I sent people to check. In fact, it was pressure from the operators who know they have authorization since March of last year, where they were authorized to charge 8 to 10 pesos,” he said.

He added that agreements were reached last year to wait to raise the price by another peso, which was at the same time when the urban fees were raised in Cancun. With the agreement of the transport leaders, they need to comply with the security measures that are requested, like GPS to check routes and internal cameras in the units so that perpetrators can be identified.

The secretary mentioned that the TTE administrators are already working on a circular to warn their operators to return the price to 9 pesos because the conditions imposed by the State Government have not yet been met.