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Colombian company Volare Travels suspended for breaching Cancun trips

Cancun, Q.R. — The suspension of travel company Volare Travels has been ordered in light of numerous consumer complaints for breaching reservations for travelers heading to places such as Cancun.

The body, Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in Colombia, has ordered the suspension of the travel company Volare Travels who they say, has more than 200 consumer complaints filed against them.

“On the occasion of more than 200 lawsuits in the Directorate of Jurisdictional Affairs of Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio, we initiated the investigation and found that it would presumably be systematically be breaching the services offered,” said María José Lamus, Director of Research of the Delegation of Consumer Protection of Superindutria.

Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has also blocked bank accounts and frozen 100 percent of the resources deposited in those accounts.

In the imposed punishments, in addition to suspension includes the blocking of the bank accounts, “the freezing of the resources deposited in them and the prohibition to carry out transactions on the monies in the bank accounts of Volare Travels and CTR Travel Holding,” assured Lamus.

The body says that to date, the company Volare Travels has been given more than 20 penalties in excess of one billion peso. They have also been ordered to return or restore to consumer claimants the sums of money paid for tourist packages in destinations such as Cuba, Isla Margarita and Cancun, among others.

One of the most common travel irregularities of the company was its practice, “a few days after starting the trip they would inform consumers that the dates of travel or destination needed to be modified due to problems with the tour operator.”

According to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, only part of the service was provided, when you take into account that a package was contracted for two destinations, but only one was fulfilled.

“For example, they were hired for Havana and Varadero, Cuba but they only took the clients to Havana. The consumers who booked their travel destination to the city of Havana found that upon arriving at the assigned hotel, they did not have lodging or food because Volare Travels had not even made the reservations or paid the hotel, leaving the clients without any lodging,” said their report.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce announced the judicial and / or administrative sanctions against the agency Volare Travels and TR Travel Holding in excess of 130 judicial decisions and more than 200 verbal complaints or filed complaints by consumers.

As a precautionary measure, Superindustria ordered the suspension of the National Registry of Tourism for Volare Travels and TR Travel Holding, while it moves forward in its investigations.

Last year, the Superintendent delegate for consumer protection said in 2017, 79 sanctions were imposed for tourist fraud with companies originating out of Colombia, an increase of 192 percent compared to 2016. The highest increase were for travelers booking packages to Santa Marta, Cartagena and San Andrés.