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Cold Front 41 will cause a decrease in Cancun, Riviera Maya temperatures

Last updated on October 28, 2020

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Q.R. — It’s not time to put away the extra blankets yet as the region waits for the arrival of another polar air mass with local weather services confirming the arrival of Cold Front No. 41 for today.

Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) says Cold Front No. 41, which will hit the coastal region Wednesday from the northwest, will extend over the northeast creating a decrease in temperatures, strong wind gusts and the potential for heavy rain.

SMN reports wind gusts of between 70 and 80 km/h will generate waves of 2 to 3 meters along the coasts of Tamaulipas and northern Veracruz. They report that during Thursday and Friday, the front will remain stationary over the east and southeast of the country, increasing the potential for showers and isolated rains.

With its arrival, the cold air mass will cause a decrease in temperatures over the northeast, east and southeast of the country, however on Saturday, the front and its air mass will weaken as a high-pressure system dominates a large part of the region, returning temperatures to seasonally normal.

SMN says for Wednesday, Cold Front Number 41 and its polar air mass will arrive, travelling along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico which will generate heavy rains in Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz, Yucatan, Campeche, Oaxaca, Puebla and Quintana Roo.

This evening and into the night, approximately 16 mm of rain is forecast for the Cancun–Riviera Maya region, with a low of 19C (66F) and daytime high of 25C (78F).