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Cofepris warns against taking Capslim products

A public warning is being re-issued about the risks of consuming Capslim products. While promoted as a nutritional supplement, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris ) is reminding people that the product is not legal in Mexico.

Through a statement, Cofepris warns consumers about the risks associated with taking the product, reporting that Capslim does not have sanitary registration, nor is their distribution center or branches known. Due to their lack of sanitary regulation, the product cannot be legally advertised. Capslim products include nutritional supplements, weight loss pills and teas.

The product was banned in Mexico in 2008 but has resurfaced, being sold through homes and markets as well as on the Internet and via phone orders.

The website has recently closed its webpages to Mexico, however, while it continues to sell to other countries, the products are still easily found throughout the country.