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Coahuila third state in Mexico to ban bullfighting

Coahuila, Mexico – Mexico’s northern state of Coahuila has become the third state in the country to ban bullfighting.

A decree for the Reform of the Animal Protection and Fair Treatment law has put into place a new law banning the tradition of bullfighting.

Governor Rubén Moreira Valdez of Coahuila was accompanied by Government Congress Meeting President José María Fraustro Siller, deputies Javier de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza and Claudia Elisa Morales Salazar and former local legislator José Refugio Sandoval, made the announcement to the legislative house.

Governor Moreira Valdez confirmed that the new law prohibits running of bulls, heifers and bullocks as well as the taunting and spearing of the animals. The suggestion to ban the sport was voted 16 in favor and five against.

Moreira Valdez thanked local legislators who debated the bill, including those who voted against banning the sport, as well as community members who protested against the tradition.

The vote to ban bullfighting was passed August 21. Coahuila is the third state in Mexico to ban the long-standing sport. They will join the states of Sonora and Guerrero in banning all events considered violent, barbarous and cruel toward animals. Moreira Valdez made mention that Mexican leaders Benito Juárez and Venustiano Carranza were also in support of banning bullfighting.

The Coahuila governor said he believes that bullfighting is a dying tradition around the world and that he hopes Coahuila will set an example for other states around Mexico to also ban the spectacle.

“The cruelty and suffering experienced by animals in the ring is a clear sign of the event’s failure,” said Moreira.

The reform will “comply with international animal protection standards … not only is this an issue of violence, but also of torture,” said the governor.

Moreira noted that unfortunately, the bill was not unanimously approved due to arguments suggesting that bullfighting is an art form and an important part of Mexican culture.

“This is not true because art creates positive things. It does not mistreat and torture living beings,” he added.

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