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Close-running candidates for mayor wait for final count

The tense situation that prevails in Solidaridad between Cristina Torres and Laura Beristaín for municipal mayor continues as both wait for the official recount.

Both have declared themselves winners even though counts continue to show Beristain ahead by more than 2,000 votes.

It won’t be until July 8, when the Municipal Council of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo begins the final and official recount. The tight margin was the result of the July 1 electoral votes that took place around the country.

Both candidates are defending their numbers, which to date, remain partial and do not cover all of the areas.

Given the close numbers, both candidates have requested that the federal and state governments guarantee security for the Sunday count in the Municipal Council of IEQROO in Solidaridad.

The Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo has not officially announced any winner for the municipality of Solidaridad due to the close figures, while also taking into account the several complaints about irregularities during the process, which will be analyzed before declaring a winner.

Cristina Torres, representative of the parties PAN, PRD and MC, agreed with authorities to wait, however Laura Beristain declared herself winner according to the preliminary count.

The official figures will be released July 8.