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Cleanup of Cancun municipal police begins after police radios found in criminal hands

Cancun, Q.R. — For the the Ministry of Public Security to function properly, the first thing that must be done is to remove people who have no place within, either because of their conduct or because they do not meet the requirements to remain inside.

These were the strong words issued by Jesús Pérez Abarca who, in a statement has said that so far, 24 municipal officers have already been removed, some because they left the corporation on their own and others, for lack of qualification.

In a joint press conference with the mayor of Cancun, Secretary of Public Safety and Traffic, Jesús Pérez Abarca said that it is part of the debugging process to strengthen the department through training and willingness to perform optimally.

He mentioned that in order to improve police functioning, operational models need to be adopted for effective work, noting that prior to, there were crimes and zero arrests, something that he says is already changing with the new Single Command.

He acknowledged that they had infiltrated crime within the corporation and that the necessary actions have been taken to improve conditions so that it no longer happens. He explained “There are several (infiltrated criminal groups) according to our intelligence work.

“We would be talking about four groups that would have a presence, but I cannot go deeper into detail because it is data of own intelligence,” he explained noting that at least two police communication radios were discovered being “rented” to criminal groups.

At least two members of the municipal police were investigated for colluding with criminals after the corporation detected two radios being “rented” to criminals. Jesus Perez Abarca said that they have detected a number of members in this behavior, adding that it is a situation where they cannot name names or figures so as not to hinder investigations and in particular, alert criminals.

In a kind of internal audit the new police administration found “lost” devices that appeared in recent days, which is when they detected that two of them were “rented” to criminals, allowing them to follow police movements.

“Of the 198 communication radios that we have in the corporation, two were in the service of delinquency in a kind of “rent” by the members to which they were assigned,” adding that “now they are facing legal issues,” said Pérez Abarca.

Perez Abarca says that the communication equipment has been been collected and that police have changed their communication frequency to maintain safety adding that the Secretariat of the National Defense is aware of the breach.