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Civil worker complaints being investigated

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Civil worker complaints from local citizens are being investigated by authorities. Since the beginning of the year, the municipal controller for Solidarity has disciplined nearly two dozen workers for violating the Law of Responsibilities of the Public Servants.

Although only three cases have been labeled as ‘major’ so far, others have been suspended and one, relieved of his duties.

According to Juan de Dios Guitron Sanchez, head of the region, “There have been some decisions made, while others are still in process. We have about 20 citizen complaints that we have yet to process, but most of them are minor.”

Guitron Sanchez says that two (now) former employees of the city have been suspended, while a third was let go. One was a former member of Civil Protection who, on August 1, was found driving a city vehicle with more than 100 grams of marijuana inside. It was an incident that left the city considering whether or not to implement random drug testing on its civil workers.

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He says that most of the complaints are against official working in operational areas, and are workers who have the most regular contact with the public.

“They are constantly trained for proper standards and treatment of customers, but when it comes to a complaint, we consider the source and the damage that has occurred. In some cases, we have been able to reconcile some actions, which often stem from a difference of opinion. However, if we find the fault is of an official for not following procedure, they are punished,” he explained.

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