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Civil association says Bacalar lagoon contaminated by sewage

The civil organization Agua Clara Bacalar says there are areas unfit for recreational use in the Bacalar lagoon due to high levels of contamination from sewage discharge. They say the discharge is due to the lack of proper drainage systems.

Its operational director Marco Jericó Nava Martínez says that the lagoon of the seven colors, as it is also known, is undergoing an alteration with the addition of a greenish color appearing on the banks. He says the residue is particularity noticeable around the Commission of Drinking water and Sewage station.

“There is an evident impact on the water quality of the lagoon, especially during the rainy season. We have detected, according to our monitoring indicators, E coli, a bacterium that serves as an indicator if water is affected by sewage discharge.”

He pointed out that as an association, they maintain a monitoring of 15 points in the lagoon and have found certain areas such as the ecological park, unsuitable for swimming due to fecal waste.

“We have about 8 monitoring points just in the lagoon. Specialists from the South Border College (Ecosur) have found similar results, especially when there is a high amount of rain,” he added.

He affirmed that three main factors that affect water quality have been identified, namely the lack of a drainage system, agricultural practices, especially in the Mennonite area as well as the deficient management of solid waste.