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City sets out to collect 500 million in unpaid land taxes

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – More than 500 million peso in outstanding property taxes have led to numerous land foreclosures.

Solidaridad municipal treasurer Asunción Ramírez Castillo says that around 500 million peso are owed to the city for property taxes. He says that 88 land owners have gone years without paying, which has led to foreclosure proceedings.

Asunción Ramírez explained that, “The issue we have is that the Income Tax Act has approved these properties for tax collection. We are making notices to the land owners who have not approached us to regularize the payment of property tax. Obviously there are lands, that for as many years as five years, have not paid their property tax. It is those that we are notifying. If they do not approach the city by the third notice to update payments we proceed through an embargo.”

He noted that most of the unpaid land taxes are west of the city and avoided payment under the previous administration.

“I believe there is negligence on both sides, because there is a Ley de Catastro where the taxpayer has to approach city council … and during the past administration the Fiscalization Department did not do a correct job by notifying the owners of the land.”

The city began notifying landowners of overdue taxes in May of this year, saying that the most overdue case is the airport land whose owners have not paid property taxes for 11 years.