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City says no tax hike for Solidaridad

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City council says that there will not be a tax increase for citizens of Solidaridad for the upcoming year.

Municipal President Cristina Torres Gómez made the announcement Tuesday saying, “We are not increasing any taxes even though by law, we are able to raise it by one percentage point.” Instead, she says “We in Solidaridad are encouraging investment.”

The announcement came after the approval of the Income Law 2018 by Solidaridad city council. During the meeting, the body approved to send the city’s expenses for the fiscal year 2018 to the Legislature of the State Congress.

“The intention is that anyone who wants to invest in the municipality does so without the need to evade taxes, without having to look for an alternative way, a gift or corruption to an official. That he feels sure that his income will be returned to him on site or in actions by the City Council,” explained Torres.

During the session, city council unveiled the Income Law 2018 noting “We expect to receive 772,344,765 peso in taxes, 610,478,475 peso for rights, 3,098,056 peso for products, 181,417,185 pesos for exploitation and 435,598,012 peso for shares and contributions.

“The current Administration received a municipality in debacle in financial matters. Nevertheless, we move forward complying with the new Financial Discipline Law that requests the actuarial study in order to make transparent the management of the resources,”, Cristina Torres affirmed.

During the meeting, council members also approved the donation of four vehicles by a local real estate company to the government of Solidaridad that will become part of the patrimony of the municipality.

City councilor Fabiola Ballesteros Xicoténcatl stressed that this donation is an example of how the private sector also participates in the orderly development of Solidarity.

“I thank the Municipal President because this donation benefits the Women’s Solidarity Institute, which now provides a vehicle to support those who set out to abate gender violence,”  Xicoténcat said.