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City officials say they have not given up on revoking Aguakan

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The municipality of Solidaridad continues the fight against Aguakan to have the company removed for breach of contract.

In January, City Council of Solidaridad will present the complaint against the concessionaire of the potable water and sewerage service, Aguakán, for breach of the contract conditions.

Municipal President Cristina Torres said that the municipality has not removed their finger from the subject, but that they are waiting for a technical opinion that was requested from the Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) to give sustenance to the complaint.

“We have already made the request to CAPA of the technical opinions. CAPA asked us for an extension into the month of December or early January to give us their opinion ” the mayor explained.

“We already have the complaint ready, nothing else to accompany this. We know that we cannot present it without these opinions,” she added.

“However, if CAPA continues to delay we will present it and we will tell the judge that it requires a technical opioion from CAPA,” she added.

Cristina Torres explained that part of the complaint is based on breaches in the provision of services, which are proven in the technical opinion that CAPA must make, according to the concession agreement.

“We consider it important to present the complaint with these rulings because it is part of what we are focusing on the cause of revocation, which is the concessionaire’s failure to provide the service in accordance with the agreement,” she explained.

Cristina Torres said that this is the way to remove the Aguakan concession, showing the defaults of the concessionaire because otherwise it would be an administrative revocation that would bring costs to the municipality.

“We are still on the same line. We have not departed from that determination, what we want is to be responsible,” she said.

“Revoke administratively would be to pay compensation to Aguakan which would imply they are not guilty, and we are sure that they are guilty of the deficiency in the provision of the service because it does not have the quality and the conditions granted in the concession contract,” she added.

She noted that when the trial begins, there will be rows of citizens who will be testifying against Aguakan.

“When we open the call for users to come to be witnesses on behalf of the City, we will have rows of people who will say I want to bear witness to the quality of service receipt,” she said.