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City officials meet with Aguakan to discuss services, contract

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City mayor Cristina Torres Gómez and representatives of Aguakán met to discuss the lack of services and the possible cancellation of the contract.

Torres Gómez says the company has a month to convince citizens that it can provide a quality service according to the needs of the population, however, independent deputy Juan Carlos Pereyra Escudero says he feels that the water company does not benefit the municipality.

The legislator felt that although he cannot judge, if “the company continues to commit abuses and continues with this arrogance toward the citizens, let them go,” he says.

The mayor said that this is the first step in demonstrating that the company is not complying with the services to the satisfaction of the people, which is part of the strategy to have them removed, so the procedures continues.

“After this month we will open the decision to public opinion through a public consultation that will be applied in all the colonies of the municipality so that citizens will decide if they want to continue giving grace to the company or decide to go to trial.

“That is to say, they will have a deadline for the citizens to evaluate the services and decide whether or not  Aguakán stays,” she said.

Pereyra Escudero explained that the city is in the process of rescinding the contract based on non-compliance, which would eliminate the state government from having to comply with the compensation of a one-billion peso payout.

Gerardo Mora, director of Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) said they have already completed a study on Aguakan, so that later at the request of the Solidarity Council, the council of CAPA will decide whether to continue with Aguakan.

Only then does the case go to congress, stressing that it is not the Legislative Power issue to rescind the concession, but the cabildo, which must initiate the process.