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City officials continue crack down on illegal businesses

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – More than 130 businesses have been closed in Playa del Carmen so far this year due to irregularities.

The department of Control and Collections (Fiscalización y Cobranzas) for Playa del Carmen says that the biggest concern were businesses found primarily on Fifth Avenue. Javier Zetina Zavala, director of Control and Collections, says that there will be more businesses closed since many that were cited have failed to comply and update their businesses.

Zetina Zavala explained that the businesses that were shut down were mostly those trying to sell tours. He says, “It’s varied businesses that were shut down, most of them were selling tours, but there were also craft shops among others.”

He adds, “This week we will be traveling the main tourist area. Although surveillance is maintained throughout the city we will now focus on verifying the tourism businesses.”

He stressed that it is important that those targeting walking tourists do not affect the image of Playa del Carmen as a destination.

A total of 131 have been closed for far this year due to various offences of non-compliance with more expected in the coming weeks.

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