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‘City Mayakoba’ adding 400 acres of schools, hospitals, parks

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The first stone for the foundation of the new City Mayakoba was laid today.

Part of the OHL Group, the new metropolitan park will be built on 400 acres and offer residential homes, shopping areas, golf courses, sports and cultural facilities, schools and even a hospital. Builders are anticipating the addition of 3,600 homes over the next five years and say the houses will range in price from 420,000 to 800,000 peso.

Agustín Sarasola Sánchez, director of OHL Developments Mexico, said that this is an investment that has been funded by both government and private support. So far, the first stage is an investment of 10 million peso, but the goal is to reach 80 million.

The park area will have space for recreation and outdoor activities for children as well as a multipurpose palapa and bike paths. Once complete, ‘City Mayakoba’ will be open to all residents of Solidarity.

Although the entire project is expected to take five years to complete, the first stage is set for March 2016, when it is anticipated the newly developed area will create jobs for about 1,000 people.

Sarasola Sánchez said the investments made ​​in this part of the country are supported by the authorities. He also stressed that this project is far from the corruption scandals that the company has had in central Mexico, where audios of OHL corruption have been handed over to authorities.

Sarasola Sánchez added that the projects for Mayakoba have been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

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