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City hall announces new PDC budget for upcoming fiscal year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The XV Legislature of the Congress of the State of Quintana Roo has approved the Income Law of the Municipality of Solidaridad, which means the city’s budget as been given the okay.

Sent by municipal president Cristina Torres Gómez, the budget was analyzed by deputies members of the Finance, Budget and Account committees and Municipal Affairs and approved for 2018.

The approval session, which was chaired by Deputy Fernando Levin Zelaya Espinoza, means the municipality of Solidaridad will have a budget of more than 2.2 billion peso for the 2018 fiscal year.

“We are really grateful to the private initiative and the citizens because they have allowed us to continue working to recover together the greatness of this municipality that gives us so much,” said the mayor.

The Income Law contemplates the performance of the property belonging to the Municipality of Solidaridad as well as tax contributions. Torres Gómez explained that for next year, the municipality expects to receive over 772 million peso in taxes, 610 million for rights, an excess of 435 million for shares and contributions, more than 181 million for exploitation and nearly 4 million for products.

The municipal treasurer, Asunción Ramírez Castillo, says that in comparison with the Income Law of 2017, the Income Law 2018 projects an increase of more than 150 million peso, which is derived mainly from the increase in the growth of properties and the opening of new businesses.

“There are differences derived from some variables of income concepts that have to do with the collection. These variables have to do with the growth of businesses, the growth of the economy and the confidence that citizens have in paying their taxes and rights to the municipality,” he said.

The official explained that in 2017, Solidaridad had 110,000 properties and currently there are 119,000. Likewise, last year 8,746 businesses were reported and today there are 9,399, of which 90 percent have renewed their operating licenses.

City Council of Solidarity approved the ratification of fees for the collection, transportation, treatment and final destination of solid waste for commercial and industrial, goods and services in the municipality, reiterating their commitment not to increase any taxes on the taxpayers.

Torres says that one week after the start of the discount of advanced payment of 2018 property taxes, more than 7.1 million peso has already been collected.

“Together we are recovering the greatness of Solidarity. We work hand in hand and in a transparent way so that families have a better quality of life,” she said.