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City announces new criminal complaint against former officials

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Municipal President of Solidarity, Cristina Torres Gómez, has announced a new criminal complaint that will be filed against former officials of the previous administration of Solidaridad.

Torres Gómez says “We have expanded one complaint and are waiting for a financial report to interpose one more. We think that by the middle of next month we would be filing this complaint.”

She said that the new complaints are a total of 80 million peso plus the collateral resources that could result adding that in this case, it’s about resources, rights, taxes and licenses that citizens paid for and should have been used for their benefit.

“We are not interested in filling the jail with officials,” she said, “We are interested in having the money returned so we can begin to to repair the damage.

“It is useless to fill the jail. We need sufficient resources to have lights, provide municipal clinics with tools, repair streets and provide services to people,” she added.

She said that as a result of these procedures, authorities have been successful in arresting one of the alleged suspects.

“There are some officials who have repaired certain damages. The Comptroller performed the procedures but they are minor officials,” she added.

“We are also still in the process with the XV Legislature to be able to open the public accounts prior to 2016, because the only account we had access to was that one,” she explained.

She said to date, the complaints filed (so far) against former officials amounts to over 700 million peso. Most of them are related to the improper use of resources.